Porcelain Bowls

I got my porcelain olive bowls back from their second firing and glaze today.  I was very shocked by the massive amount of shrinkage during the second firing.  I will need to take this into account next time and make them bigger than I need to compensate for this.

Orange glaze bowl.

Collection of the finished bowls.

I was really happy with the final result of the orange glazed bowl.  The white crack glaze just came out white which was a little disappointing.  I gave the bowls three coats of glaze, I think this may have been applied too thick looking at the end result. This also made the supports stick to the underside of the bowls which meant on removal did not have a good finish and left some metal in the porcelain as well as bumps.

Close up of red glaze bowl.

The underneath of the bowls showing lumps and metal in the glaze from firing.

The lines from the 3D printed mold is visible in the finished pieces, however very subtle.  I think that if I am more sparing with applying the glaze these will be a little more visible.

Close up of orange bowl showing lines from 3D printed mold.

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