3D Printed Crochet Hooks

For the last few days I have been 3D printing various sized crochet hooks to try out.  I have also ordered some recycled sari yarn and some felt yarn to play around with when it arrives.  I think I will still be using the idea using the para cord, however this will be used in items that need to be much more durable, such as seating and rugs.  The softer fabrics I will be using for items such as cushions and throws.

I have printed 2 more hooks, one is 5mm and the other 9mm.  During the build I had a problem with the filament snapping during the build.  As the printer extruded the last of the orange plastic I decided to try and make a two-tone piece and inserted pink filament.  This worked fine for the larger hook however the smaller one broke in the middle of the hook.  I think this was due to the slight difference in heat needed for each colour.  This weakened exactly at the join and broke almost as soon as I had taken it off the bed.  I have now reprinted the 5mm hook in one solid colour for strength.

Hook prints after inserting pink filament.

I changed the design of the hooks slightly so that there is a little more plastic on the section that pushes though the yarn.  I noticed that using my previous hook the plastic wore away quite fast.

The first hook I made in rhino and just piped it with a normal Rhino pipe.  The second designs I piped using T-splines which allowed me to pull the top of the hook out slightly more than the original.



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