This afternoon I have been building a 3D model of a design for a drinking tumbler.  Because of the height of the piece I will find this hard to press from a mould so I am going to try and slip cast this along side the wine goblets.  The CAD model is just over 16cm which I am hoping will give a good size after taking into account shrinkage during the firing process.


I am going for a similar design to my whisky glasses as I wish for the same theme to run through out the collection that will be used in my kitchen.  These pieces will be smooth all over as apposed to the whisky vessels which have texture down one side.




I haven’t posted much of the crochet I have been making over the last month yet.  I have had a few projects on the go so here they are:

My first project I finished was a snood.  As it was my first finished item I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing.  I set out to make a normal tube shaped snood.  However, after a few rows I realised that I was making a Mobius loop.  This happened at the stage where I joined the first loop together.  After crocheting the second row I skipped over to the other side which meant as I continued to crochet out the snood grew from both sides.

My second project was a pair of hand warmers.  However I didn’t take into account the amount of black wool I had left, so I am waiting for more to arrive in the post to finish the second one.  With the hand warmers I figured out how to crochet straight after the first row not creating a Mobius loop.

I thought I would then treat myself to a warm headband to keep my hair out of my eyes when I’m working. This took about two hours to make and again is a Möbius loop as I think it adds a subtle bit of interest in the piece when worn.

I have started making my first cushion covers for adding the soft finishing touches to my home.

This is the first one I started, however I made some mistakes at the edges of the pieces.  I am going to take this one apart and start it again.

This Is the second cushion cover I have started making.  I am much happier with the edges of this as I have perfected the changing stick at the end of the pieces.

This is my biggest project so far.  I have began to make a blanket to be used either in the bedroom or as a throw in the living room or the container.  So far I have spent two full days making this one and as I have ran out of wool I will need to wait a few days to continue.  I plan to add in a lot of black and monochrome strips to this with a few hints of bright colours.  I also plan to add tassels to the edges.  I suspect that by the time I finish this piece I would have spent a few weeks time making it.  I really love the feel of the piece and it is already quite heavy and warm.  It will be a very functional piece and I feel the fact it is entirely handmade will add to the unique feeling.

Wine goblets

Today I have been designing the CAD model for making my wine goblets.  I specifically want the themes of these to match the whisky glasses.  I think that the trickiest bit of making the wine glasses will be making the stems.  I have decided that I need to have a much more delicate feel to the finish of these.  I have decided that in order to achieve this I am going to try and slip cast them.  In order to slip cast I am going to have to change my approach to the mould making slightly.


I have decided I am going to 3D print the finished goblet and then use this to make a plaster slip cast mould.  The mould needs to be made out of plaster rather than plastic to allow for the absorption of water from the clay during the drying process.


I’ll be getting this printed next week and I will smooth off the model before making the mould.


Ceramic Mug

Today I have been trying out my mug press mould which I printed in the University earlier this week.  I found the scale of this much easier than working on the shot glass moulds.  I wanted to try a press mould that had a different feel to the shot glasses although I may decide to make a set of both.

I found this shape and scale took the clay really easily into the detailing.  I had scaled these up from the porcelain bowls I made in December as they were so small the clay didn’t take the geometric detail.  They turned out much more organic. The reason I wanted to try this design was for the feel and texture that holding the mug would have when drinking from it.

I am not happy with the handle design.  I haven’t thought a lot about this at this stage, however I think I will try and 3D print press moulds to make my handles using the same texture as on the side of the mug.

For this sample I wiped down afterwards with a sponge which gave a much smoother finish than the way I made the shot glasses.  I wanted a hand touched finish however I think that finishing the ceramics off traditionally with a sponge will probably give a much more professional finish and feeling to the pieces.  Hopefully this will add to the finished quality of the designs.





For the last two weeks I have been settling in to my new life in Dundee.  I have been getting equated with the university campus and finding my way around.  I have been buying glaze for my shot glasses as well as printing more press moulds.

Today I set myself the task of designing a colander for the kitchen of my shipping container.  I find the kitchen implements quite and interesting area of my study as it is both a tool and could be 3D printed or I could also go down the line of hand building them.

I feel that as I have to build everything in my house some simpler items such as colanders should be directly 3D printed to save time.  However I am still aware that I would like to focus on the aesthetics of the piece.

I had a few ideas I ran through in my sketchbook looking at cell structures and geodesic domes.  Here is the first CAD model I have made:


This design was inspired by the roof design’s of both Buckminster Fuller’s domes and Grimshaw’s Eden Project.  The only concern I have is if the holes in the piece are too big it will be impractical and food will fall through it.  I will print this to test first.