Ceramic Mug

Today I have been trying out my mug press mould which I printed in the University earlier this week.  I found the scale of this much easier than working on the shot glass moulds.  I wanted to try a press mould that had a different feel to the shot glasses although I may decide to make a set of both.

I found this shape and scale took the clay really easily into the detailing.  I had scaled these up from the porcelain bowls I made in December as they were so small the clay didn’t take the geometric detail.  They turned out much more organic. The reason I wanted to try this design was for the feel and texture that holding the mug would have when drinking from it.

I am not happy with the handle design.  I haven’t thought a lot about this at this stage, however I think I will try and 3D print press moulds to make my handles using the same texture as on the side of the mug.

For this sample I wiped down afterwards with a sponge which gave a much smoother finish than the way I made the shot glasses.  I wanted a hand touched finish however I think that finishing the ceramics off traditionally with a sponge will probably give a much more professional finish and feeling to the pieces.  Hopefully this will add to the finished quality of the designs.




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