Wine goblets

Today I have been designing the CAD model for making my wine goblets.  I specifically want the themes of these to match the whisky glasses.  I think that the trickiest bit of making the wine glasses will be making the stems.  I have decided that I need to have a much more delicate feel to the finish of these.  I have decided that in order to achieve this I am going to try and slip cast them.  In order to slip cast I am going to have to change my approach to the mould making slightly.


I have decided I am going to 3D print the finished goblet and then use this to make a plaster slip cast mould.  The mould needs to be made out of plaster rather than plastic to allow for the absorption of water from the clay during the drying process.


I’ll be getting this printed next week and I will smooth off the model before making the mould.


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