Button- sand casting


Today I finished making my CAD model for an idea I had for buttons to finish off my crochet cushion covers.  I designed this one around the same ideas as the table I am going to have in my client area.  The print took about 30mins to finish building.  The first model I made I Boolean differenced the button holes and then twisted the object.  I rectified this earlier today to have straight differenced holes so that the casting process might work.  This still didn’t cast the way I had planned.  I decided that I am going to redesign the model so it is more like a T-bar that I can sew on to the cushions as this way the casting process will have a better chance of working. 

I am going to finish off this button although there is a lot of cleaning up do on the underside.  I was originally going to cast this in to aluminium; however there was pewter available in the workshop which I have never worked in before so I decide to use that.  The pewter melts much easier than aluminium.  The crucible was already hot from previous use and the pewter melted like butter without a flame.

One element that I particularly like about this process and the result from this test is the fact that the final button has a texture on it that makes it look like it has been cast using carved cuttlefish.  This was the result of the resolution of the 3D printer and the layer size in the build.
  Start of the first section of the sand mould.  I compacted the sand with the handle end of a mallet.

This is the 3D print I used to cast.
  The first half of the mould before carving out a hole for the print.This is the print placed in the mould with the sand compacted around it.
  The first half of the mould with talk on to allow the sand to be separated.

The second part of the mould added and the sand compacted on top.
  The mould is then taken apart and I removed the print.

I added a hole into the sand to pour though.
  This is the mould after the pour.

The mould taken apart.

And the final reveal of the cast which I will now clean up and drill.

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