Cupboard handles

Last week I cast one of the door handles I 3D printed a few weeks ago.  I decided to use bronze as the melting temperature is less than brass and it is less toxic to cast.  I may still cast them in brass in the future. 

 At first I tried melting the bronze using two torches.  I wasn’t able to get a high enough temperature to make the metal liquid enough.  I then moved on to using the electric crucible which melted the metal with ease.  The first pour I made a mold of the door handle and a smaller version that I may use as jewellery. 

 After taking apart the larger mold I found that the pour hadn’t worked.  I think this was either down to the fact I pored with a hesitation or maybe the mold was too big.  It was still in tact enough to try again.  The second pour went well.  I sat the mold at a slight angle for the pour and also added air holes in to the mold. 

 I have started to clean up the handle.  I have cut off the sprue  and started to file some areas.  I might leave some triangles textured and some polished.  I plan to add a threaded post so I can fit it to the cupboards.

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