Ceramic disasters and Joys

I have been spending at least a few days a week over the last five weeks trying to get a run of goblets out.  I have had about five complete fails where the goblets snap at the base of the stem.  I have tried various ways of trying to get this to work from changing the timings of when I remove them from the mold as well as cleaning up the top of the goblet whilst in the mold. Today I had my second fail of the week which is starting to get a little frustrating.  I have decided the next trick I am going to try is not cleaning up the outside at all, letting the clay dry and then trying to clean it up.

 On the plus side I have managed to slip cast about five large glasses which have worked really well.  I am really happy with the simplicity and ease that these are to clean up.  The entire structure holds together really well and I have had no fails with these so far. I want to aim to make a set of eight with a few spare incase any break.IMG_2512

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