I am an PhD student currently studying at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee.  I am exploring the use of 3D printing to make tools.  My aim to study this as a new use for construction of goods and the economic effects this will have on society.

As part of my studies I am to begin with two shipping containers and build a house and jewellery workshop and all contents through 3D printing tools.  The hope is that this approach will act as a model for affordable and accessible housing for those who are displaced and or struggling to get on the housing ladder.
                         Shot glass made for the container home.
My container house will be entirely self sustaining with a solar panelled roof and veg garden.  The upper 20ft container will house my bedroom and bathroom and the lower level will have a jewellery workshop, living and kitchen area.  I plan to clad the outside of the container with recycled pallet crates so the container will not be an eye sore.  This will also act to hold the insulation which will be made of either lamb wool or recycled shredded milk bottles.
My blog will act as both a visual and written aid for myself to remember what I have done as well as for others to see and learn from what I am creating and the materials I am using.
Please follow me if you would like to see my progress.

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