Zig-zag Crochet

Yesterday I decided to learn a new pattern for crochet.  I have finished the bed blanket and sofa throw.  After living in Scotland for many years I have got used to often sitting with a blanket around my shoulders to keep warm.  So I decided my next project before moving back to the cushion covers will be a personal blanket.  This is why I wanted to test out another pattern as it wont need to match the rest of the furnishings. 

 I spent a few hours working on this yesterday but I have had difficulty at the corners and seem to be adding and taking away stitches at the edges.  I am really happy with the pattern however I need to take it apart and try to make the edges more perfect. 

 I have also managed to give myself an amazing crochet callus on my finger.  this is because my hook is a little rough on the edge my finger rests on.  I think I will try and print a hook on a better quality printer.


Crochet Blanke and Fibonacci Throw

I finished my large blanket for my bed last week.  I added on tassels down the two sides.  This was mainly to mask where I had missed a few stitches at the sides.  The blanket is really heavy.  I spent roughly £200 in wool on this.  I am very pleased with the final result although it took over a month to make and cost rather a lot in money.

I then spent 4 days teaching myself how to make Granny squares and made a throw arranged in the Fibonacci sequence.  This costa far less than the last blanket and took 4 -5 days to complete.  I spent £80 on wool for this piece.

 I used two strands of wool for this as apposed to the four that I used for the previous blanket.

 My cats helped in the process as well making sure the throw was effective in warmth and comfort.