Clay Extrusion Machine

Yesterday I decided to 3D print myself a clay extruder from my home printer.  The first one I printed had a large internal area to hold the clay.  This would have taken 24 hours to print.  I re-designed it to take 12 hours and left this to run.  The print failed in the middle of the night when it had almost completed.  This was due to the plastic reel getting stuck.

I went back to the drawing board and reprinted another which was again a little smaller.  This took about 3 hours to print at the lowest quality.

The extrusion nozzle didn’t stick too well when printing, so I repaired this with my 3D printing pen.

I also realised that the pusher wasn’t strong enough with the flimsy stick I had added.  I eventually managed to extrude the clay with my thumb but this was quite difficult and so I will be making a much stronger pusher.

 I put together a few shapes with the clay I had extruded using some slip I made up.  This is just a sample, however it could be used as a tea-spoon rest.  I will fire and glaze this sample over the next few weeks.

I left this to dry a little and carved into it to smooth of the areas of leftover slip and lines from the printer.  A small section broke off where I didn’t join the pieces too well with slip.