Today I 3D printed some handle ideas I made in CAD a few days ago.  They are designed around they way honey is found in cliffs in the wild.  I was thinking that it would be good to have slightly different handles on each cupboard so as they are all unique and will also emanate the differences in form and shape in the wild.

 I decided I wanted to smooth down the 3D prints before casting to see if the final sand casts would also be smoother.  I placed the prints into a container with acetone in and a covered lid.  I drilled small holes in the prints so I could stand them on a nail in the box elevated above the acetone.  When I checked them after an hour there was little change to the prints.  I added a little more acetone and left them for another hour.  I noticed that some areas had smoothed out and others hadn’t.  I tried balancing them on their side in the container and left them for another hour.  When I got back some areas had smoothed out too much and other areas still hadn’t.



The smaller of the two prints was very melted and bendy at the end.  I think I will reprint them and try using the acetone on a hot plate.  I have watched video’s on this and it seems to only take ten minutes at the correct temperature.  I think this may have a better effect in smoothing down the entire object.