ECA degree show

last night I visited the Edinburgh college of art degree show.  Was a great wee show.  I was particularly proud of my two students I taught a few years ago. 

Eva Fernandez Matos just graduated from her Masters of Arts course and previously studied at Clyde College glasgow.  I totally loved her work.  She made a very conceptual range of pieces displayed beautifully.  Some of her pieces were 3D printed.

I was also really proud of Esther Macintosh who previously studied at the City of Glasgow College.  The concept behind her work was about social media and the problems or anxieties it brings.  I particularly liked her steel choker she made using some CAD as well as the neck piece worn on the back representing stress and knots. 

 Another students work I really liked was Ruoyan Wang.  Although she didn’t use any CAD in her pieces, I loved the soft tactile feeling to her range.

It was a great show.  I didn’t get the chance to see any of the other departments.  The only down side was the heavy rain, but that did make for quite a moody view of the castle from the roof of ECA.