House Plans

Over the last few months I have been working towards finding and securing a plot of land for my house.  I have been speaking with the Falkland Estate about the possibility of building the house on a site next to a barn on an old farm.  The plot is beautiful, it is on a slope surrounded by forest.  There is a waterfall nearby and a stunning mountain.

I have been playing around with designs of the shipping containers for about six months.  Last weekend my father came up to visit and he drew up the architectural plans for submission to planning permission. 13934865_1032574576859824_7981702341651075440_n13935134_1032574573526491_6797781841656022523_n14068247_1032574580193157_8645730282390902197_n


I am really happy with the design.  It is exactly as I had imagined it.  My father also came up with some good ideas for the arrangement of stairs and other things that I wouldn’t have the experience to design.front


The house consists of a porch area on the ground floor.  The kitchen is in the centre of the building.  To the right is a jewellery workshop separated from the house by a wall.  To the left of the kitchen is an open plan living area.GF

Upstairs consists of a bedroom and small shower room. Outside will also be a roof garden.


I plan to clad the building in recycled pallet crates and I hope to reclaim or recycle most of the materials for the build. I am now waiting for approval from both the Falkland estate and then planning permission from Fife Council.location




Weddings and Shipping Containers

This weekend I went in a very last minute trip to Poland for my friends Kat and Konrad’s wedding.  It was a beautiful weekend, the sun was shining and plenty of vodka was consumed!  

 After the wedding reception we all got Taxis to a shipping container bar which was floated on an outlet of the river Vistula. 

 I was really interested by this as it fits really well with my plans for the house.  The bar consisted of three containers welded together.  

 The exterior was left with the original corigated steel of the container.   

 One thing I have been slightly concerned about is the size of the interior of my finished house.  The interior of this bar actually seemed very spacious.  There was a bar, TV area, toilets and a kitchen fitted into the three units.  Outside there are two ramps leading down the bank to access the bar. 

Seeing the interior of this place really helped me visually imagine the amount of space I may have in my finished house.

On my return trip to Dundee I stayed in a Best Western hotel near Victoria, London.  It was a great wee apartment.  I really liked the tiles in the bathroom which seemed to be layered leaves and pebbles that were set in resin.  I really like the effect of this and thought I might be able to do something similar combining laser etching for the walls of my container bathroom.